Monday, March 22, 2021

Christ or Chaos at the border...

 but, but, but - there's no crisis at the border. 


Thousands of unaccompanied future sex slaves being trafficked is not really a problem. 

Even that British rag, Daily Mail gets it: 

EXCLUSIVE: 'People are the new dope.' Mexican cartels are seizing on Biden's lax border policies to run multimillion-dollar human trafficking scheme and are using families as DECOYS to smuggle single adults and drugs from elsewhere

Whole towns being decimated in the name of "compassion."

In this RTV Follow Up, Michael J. Matt releases his personal cell phone recording of an October 2020 teleconference with Trump advisor Stephen Miller. 

Given the escalating crisis at the U.S. southern border, Michael explains how that teleconference has become positively prophetic. How did the Trump team know the extent of the border crisis even before the November election? 

Michael shares his theory: It’s all about the Great Reset and the globalists’ puppet, Joe Biden. Plus, Michael draws a startling parallel from this crisis to the fall of the Roman Empire, which involved similar high-level moral and political corruption to what we see today. 

Does the so-called “Barbarian Invasion” of Rome set precedent for what is happening to the United States today?



Frauds, Crooks and Criminals:  Unaccompanied Alien Teens Coming to a County Near You!  No will escape the horrors

Bunkerville: HSS Mayorkas: Trumps fault for the border issue  But, of course...

 with Coronavirus (VIDEO)  They look like a bunch of human burritos. 

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