Monday, February 22, 2021

Freedom in Reality...

and our reality right now is none too pretty.

Thousands of elderly died as a result of government interference. Most of them died alone without family or ministers/priests in attendance. Others were denied life saving drugs or protocols in an effort to smear Trump. Conservatives are being "cancelled" at a rate conjuring up the image of how the Jews were made scapegoats ushering in the Holocaust. The borders are open, while schools remain closed. We are urged, and in many cases, forced to cover our faces with filthy rags causing us more harm than good. Tens of thousands of small and mid-sized businesses have been destroyed forever. Energy production is halted while Texas suffers and people die. Bill Gates is lionized by the commie/libtards as he continues down his path of destruction of the human race.

I could go on and on with the weirdness our world has devolved into. But, I won't.

Have we lost our minds?

When will we act?

 How long are we going to go along with this bs?

At the rate we're complying we can soon kiss Liberty goodbye.

And now, I must carry on with the duties of my state in life. I suggest you do the same.  What happened in Texas should be a wakeup call for everyone to make some simple preparations for unknown events. 

Something to think about:

The basic rule Christ gives for our lives is the combination of obedience and love that we have seen was the basic rule of his own life and death. Our obedience is the seed, planted in us by grace; love is the fruit of our unions with infinite truth and infinite goodness. There is no servility in the obedience, first, because God is infinite reality, and to be in tune with reality is the essence of freedom; second because God does not force us to obey. We can disobey if we choose: the results of disobedience will be harmful because we have broken away from reality; there is no health in the unreal. Frank Sheed, Christ in Eclipse*


The Organic Prepper: This Diary from the Great Depression Is Like Reading a Modern-Day Newsfeed and  RESILIENCE: Here’s How Prepping HAS to Change

The Organic Prepper: Prepping for a Blizzard: A Practical Survival Guide Also works for hurricanes and other natural weather events.  One thing we don't have is a water main shut off tool. I will fix that this week!

In Praise of Monday...

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