Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Off line...w update(s) # 1,2,3...

 ATT has knocked me off line. No idea of why. Searching for solution. No answers at ATT store. I'm on my phone and struggling. Arrrgh!


Service is intermittent on my computer, however hubby's computer is online.  How can that be since the modem is on my computer (running) and his computer is hooked to mine?   

All of you who have emailed me, I'll try to respond as best I can. Just know that I'm not ignoring you.

Message has been sent to my computer guru.

sooooo don't need  this right now.

Update #2 - 1/13/21

Still working on the computer problem.

I'm having problems accessing disqus or even commenting on my own blog .  I can read the comments and I appreciate all the thoughts. 

My Thoughts...

Can you get anymore banana republic then having the sitting president of the U.S. unable to communicate with the citizens of this country?  I would offer up the only way you could be more banana republic would be to put a bullet in his head, but I wouldn't want to give them any ideas.

The  commie /libtards who are celebrating this have a major screw loose or they're the most evil people in the world. They certainly have zero grasp of history - real history, not the crap they've been shoveling out for decades.   Never ever forget they don't just hate Donald Trump, they hate you and want harm to come to you.  They want you "cancelled."  They want to deny you your rights as a citizen of this country and your rights as a child of God. 

If this continues, it will not end well.


I expect the major cities, which have already experienced riots with the backing of the local government, to  erupt in false flag violence to blame on the Trump supporters. They're looking for an excuse  for martial law and locking down all the innocent people. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Be prepared. Avoid crowds. Say your prayers. 

Update #3 - 1/14/21

Working on recovering and updating contact list while I have my sporadic internet connection.  I send the list to hubby for printing before deleting the info. Thank you to all the wonderful patriots who are taking the current goings on as a threat to our freedom seriously.

Hubby is wireless (I'm the hardwired one and he's wireless to me, so he has service and mine is sporadic, but mostly off.) We're pretty sure it's the ethernet connection into the modem. I'm waiting for a new modem from AT&T which is supposed to be so great there's a waiting list. It better be great since it costs $265.00. 

Somehow, when Windows 10 updated last time, it severed my wireless connection to our printer. It's a common problem and I've tried to correct it, but no luck.  It means hubby can print, and I can't. I'm going to purchase a hardwired cheap printer to hook up to my computer.  I'm also going to purchase a laptop for any at-home internet problems which may come up in the future.  Life just seems to get more complicated every day. Sigh. 

Having to struggle using my phone or hubby's computer has also had me jumping through verification hoops every site I try to access.  

I'm going to try and get to comments next, but slightly off topic, this is very flattering; a patriot (you know who you are) sent me a note saying they visit here every day, and compared me to his other favorite, Don Surber.  Don Surber????  He's one of my hubby's very favorites and a very smart guy.  To be compared to Don Surber was the highlight of my day (week, year, lifetime?) - and I thank you. 

Off to comments now, and as much news as I can access before AT&T pitches me off again.


Say your prayers and:

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