Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Will Americans line up to self-sterilize themselves?...


No, I haven't died, contracted Wuflu, or offed myself.

There just anything much left to say while we wait for the legal wheels to grind.

Mask mandates are just the beginning. 

Next up - vaccine mandates.

If the masked up zombies walking among us are any indication, they will shove people out of line to be the first to have a deadly (IMO) vaccine pumped into their body. 

One very possible outcome is several generations of people who will be unable to replicate themselves - you know - get pregnant and have babies.

It's a dream come true for eugenicists like Bill Gates and his "Catholic" abortion supporting wife.

Harshness follows:  If you are one of the mask wearing zombies, while you may think you are a kind caring individual, you're not. By perpetrating this scam you are causing great harm on millions of people in this country who have lost their businesses, their incomes, and their peace of mind.  You are the selfish ones.

Great Barrington Declaration sign it

And what are we to make of this? Good grief!

Cynthia A. Johnson  -  State Representative | 5th House District

Great Barrington Declaration

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