Thursday, November 5, 2020

Coup d'état: Are the ballots watermarked?...

interesting thought.

Podcasts are on the bottom of my list for information. I'm a very rapid reader, so to have to sit still while someone is talking at 1/10 the speed I can read is frustrating and (what's left of) my mind starts to wander.

Yet, this "semi" podcast was more than interesting.  I found it in the least likely place imaginable.  I follow a sweet Christian lady, Lydia Sherman, on her blog Home Living.  She's branched out on her blog to doing "homemaker radio" -  videos intended for listening while you go about the many chores in your home. 

Today she posted a link to the X-22 Report, a site I haven't visited in quite some time, which seemed totally out of character for her - but, I thank her.     

This podcast, Coup d’etat, Trump Sets Trap To Expose It All, Patriots Know The Playbook – Episode 2320, was published late yesterday. It appears they release an episode every evening between 6 and 7 pm ET.  I've embedded it below directly from Rumble TV. 

It's about 39 minutes.  The first half or so is stuff we "sort of" already know, but still absolutely worth a listen. If you are super pressed for time, pop up to about 19:30 and listen from that point.

From X-22:

The [DS]/MSM did exactly what the patriots thought they were going to do. The saw the landslide, the red wave and had to shut it down before it took effect. The [DS]/MSM have just outed themselves. Remember the [DS]/[CB] are going to fight to the very end, and they will use everything in the arsenal to get rid of Trump. The birth of a new nation does not come easy, just go back in history to the founding fathers, the British fought to the bitter end. The patriots knew this was going to happen, they know the playbook, the trap is set. This is not about the election, it is about returning the power to the people and the people have voted and the [DS] /MSM stopped the voice of the people when the stopped the elections.  Watch what happens next.

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