Friday, November 13, 2020

Communist Methods for Eliciting Individual Compliance...

 from the Biderman Repost of 1956 compared to what is happening with Covid-19

I just listened to about half of Idaho Governor Little's presser in which he moved Idaho back to stage 2 and exhorted us all to wear our masks.

He dragged up a youngish gal who contracted Wuflu months ago to tell her horrific story.  I'm not being disrespectful when I say she was quite overweight - just reporting the news.

Next we had a health care worker (also overweight) who spent at least 10 minutes spewing out shame  and condemnation upon non-mask wearers. She made a point she would never, ever catch Wuflu in her hospital because, after all - they wash their hands and wear masks. Oh, hell noes! According to her if she catches Wuflu it will be out in the big bad world where selfish people aren't wearing a mask. 

Next I read The Last Refuge COVID-19 IS THE AGENDA – Biden is Merely The Delivery Vehicle…  thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Linda Star tipping me off. (only slightly off topic, buuuut have you noticed how many people are using my ellipses?

Why is COVID-19 being disproportionately hyped as such a dangerous threat, when the reality of the statistical danger is much less than the intense level of hype?… That is the key question
The answer is… social changes under the guise of COVID-19 mitigation, are the entry point for the goals and aspirations of the political left on a national and global scale. COVID-19 is a virus, but also a very important political weapon, and we are about to discover exactly what the purpose of the hype is all about. What follows will help understand; and when you encounter the fear it will help to reconcile what people cannot figure out. Read the rest

What is going on is control by fear and shame.  Don't fall for it!! 


Don Surber: Don't blow off AOC I don't. All the commie/libtards on Facecrap think she's the best thing since ice cream. Good thing I'm not a big fan of ice cream. 

Nox and Friends:  How COVID-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System  It's long and detailed, but worth it to muddle through

Red Pill Jew: I Will Not be a Better Man  excellent

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