Monday, October 26, 2020

Steve Bannon speaks to all Christians at Catholic Identity Conference...

 is he addressing our "lizard brain?"

Bannon lays out the end game of the globalists. He also tells you what to do about it. 

I've watched it twice already and I'll probably watch it again.  Do not miss the last 8 or so minutes when Bannon tells you, as Christians, what you must do.  It's very much what I've been saying - although not as well as he does. 

You must become a force multiplier and an agent for action!

Please watch and share!

I'm about to add something that may sound a bit harsh.  Actually, it's going to be very harsh.  If you're not willing to share - aka as becoming a force multiplier, because you worry about outing yourself as a conservative or a Trump supporter and offending some family members or friends - STOP IT!

If you call yourself a Christian and are not willing to stand for the truth, then you're not really a Christian. 

(NB: Remnent TV has set up its own video servers since Youtube is not to be trusted. The sound is a teeny bit scratchy for the first few minutes, but then clears up.)


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