Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Some Women Dream of Shoes and Handbags...

 I dream of self leveling urethane cement crack sealer, epoxy wood filler, oil based paint primer, dremel tools, cool things to add to my tool belt and...


Let's leave the ugliness aside for today and take a look at the newest ladder to join the stable of ladders I already have.

It's the Gorilla 5.5 ft. Fiberglass Dual Platform Hybrid Ladder - exclusive to Home Depot (pictures below)

Werner makes one similar in fiberglass, but it costs $176.00 vs $69.98 for the Gorilla and it doesn't have a project bucket that clips out of the way for storage, or a one hand pull close feature. It also only has one large step instead of two. 

I've dreamed of just such a ladder as the three step one I now have, while a lovely ladder with a paint and tool tray, is just a tad too short for many projects and my 8 foot fiberglass is just too much. My multi-fold extension ladder is way too big for many jobs no matter how you fold it.

I ran across this beauty in an article about the best ladders for 2020, and I couldn't have gotten to Home Depot any faster (where I'm happy to say there were very few mask wearing zombies.)  The ladders were on an end cap with steel cord strung across them and sign saying "this aisle is closed."  First off, you loons, an end cap is not an aisle.   And no one and nothing is going to keep me from that ladder. With much struggle I hijacked the ladder over the steel security cord and dared anyone to cross me.  My new motto?

After grabbing some cement patch and cement glue I was happily on my way home.  

And now I'm heading out to paint some trim for the maiden run of my new ladder .

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