Thursday, August 27, 2020

Richard Grenell declares "America First" last night...

and we thank him.

While everyone focuses on Kyle Rittenhouse and if he shot two people in self defense, I'd rather focus on the positive message being put forth at the RNC.

In the interest of not ignoring news, I've linked several articles at the bottom that most clearly state what happened in Kenosha and the possible results from the chaos. 

I'm doing my best to ignore the feral beasts in Minneapolis once again bringing shame to the black community as they help themselves to shoes at the Foot Locker and trash a Target - in particular after three nights of articulate intelligent blacks speaking at the RNC. Never forget that those are the people who represent the majority of blacks in this country

As I always do, I urge you to practice prudence. If you place yourself in a dangerous situation, don't be surprised or outraged if something bad happens to you.  


Bayou Renaissance Man:  The Kenosha, WI riots and shootings: initial lessons learned  Excellent and detailed with lots of good advice

American Thinker: Waking the Sleeping Giant Is Kenosha a one-off or a portent for the future?


While Sister  Deirdre Byrne, a Catholic nun, U.S. Army veteran, and physician, gave a stirring defense for the unborn last night, she did say something that needs clarification.  I have no idea of why an obviously educated woman would say this:
“As Christians, we first met Jesus as a stirring embryo in the womb of an unwed mother and saw him born nine months later in the poverty of the cave” 

Our Lady was most definitely not an "unwed mother." She was betrothed to Joseph, which in the Jewish custom, was considered the same as being married. This article explains it well When Were Joseph and Mary Considered Married?

I think she may have said that as a way to help spread her message to pro-death people, and her pro-life message should not be discounted in any way over a theological issue.


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