Saturday, May 23, 2020

Minnesota Catholics going to jail tomorrow?...(video 1:32) w/Update...

sounds like it to me.

This horrible woman, mayor of New Brighton, a suburb of the twin cities and a 14 minute drive from my childhood home, is threatening all sorts of dire consequences if Catholics dare to attend Mass tomorrow.

For some unknown reason in the state of Minnesota you can pack people into Costco, Lowe's, Wallyworld, but only ten people are allowed to enter a church.

Let's put this in perspective - the Cathedral of St. Paul has a capacity of three thousand.  If I'm not mistaken that's way bigger than the average big box store.

In her 1:32 pronouncement she manages to blame the parishioners for being inconsiderate and accusing them of breaking the law if they dare to attend church.  Not sure exactly what law that is.

I'm actually a bit shocked that the Bishop of Minnesota are pushing back, but credit where credit is due.

If the people of this country do not understand the horror of states dictating such onerous and obviously illegal acts against the Christians of this country, then all is truly lost.

Communism has succeeded in their "long march through the institutions." They control publishing, TV, movies, and schools. They have turned a once Christian nation into a purely secular Godless society where depravity is not only  the norm, but worshiped as the new religion. The only thing standing between them and total control is God.

Monday we celebrate the fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom - including the freedom to worship God. What a perfect Sunday for all Christians of this country to mark their line in the sand and cast off the shackles of an unjust government. 

Stand Strong Catholics of Minnesota!

From Youtube:
Minnesota’s governor recently issued an executive order allowing nonessential businesses to reopen at 50% capacity but limits religious assemblies to10 people. 
The bishops of Minnesota responded with a a statement saying they would defy the governor’s order and begin reopening parishes on May 26 at 33% capacity. 
The Mayor of New Brighton, announced she is planning to enforce the governor’s order restricting citizens from attending Church in her community. Concerned citizens should email Mayor Val Johnson at or call her at 651-491-3364.


Minn. Gov. Loosens Restrictions on Churches After Catholics and Lutherans Defy His Order



The Federalist: Thousands Of Churches Are About To Defy Lockdown Orders. It’s About Time

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