Thursday, May 28, 2020

Contact tracing and Forced Vaccinations... video

is it true?

Since I'm suspicious of just about anything on the internet, I did a bit of checking up on this video, which is going viral.  My research has shown that you're seeing the truth.

Will it happen? Only if you let it.

Here is a link to Partners in Health which is mentioned toward the end of the video. If you check out their "partnerships" page under foundations you'll find the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in the number one spot.

Check out the ones listed under "public sector", "corporate partners", and "matching gift supporters", for a laundry list of the some of the most dangerous people subverting our country.


The Night Wind: The Fate of the Non-essential

Gateway Pundit:  Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot to Create 600-Strong Army of Contact Tracers

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