Thursday, April 9, 2020

Guess what America?...

you're being lied to...

by the commie/libtards who want to "fundamentally transform this country" and  the lying MSM.

Whoa! The models were wrong because we little peon dirt people have been so obediently good with our social distancing tops the list of ignorance and arrogance.

As Steve McCann at American Thinker said in his article "How a Police State is Born:
Is the Coronavirus pandemic serious enough to warrant putting much of the nation’s population into house imprisonment, or wreaking the economy for an indefinite period of time, or prohibiting worshipers from attending their churches, synagogues or mosques, or outlawing freedom of assembly and travel, or destroying businesses that have taken years to build up, or saddling future generations with unfathomable debt?   The nation is choosing to plunge millions of people into depression, heart attacks, suicide and unbelievable distress, though they are not especially vulnerable and will only suffer mild symptoms or none at all. 
This is what a police state is like.


American Thinker:  The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers

Ben Shapiro:  The 3 Big Questions Nobody Is Answering

Gateway Pundit: HUGE! MN Senator and Doctor: Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator (VIDEO)

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