Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Bernie bested by Biden - Bloomberg bails...

are Biden and Bernie headed for a brokered bash?

(I love alliteration)

Only if the dems (aka commie/libtards) want to end their party ahead of their scheduled demise.

I think it would be great fun to watch them eat each other alive at a brokered convention.  And don't forget the possibility of the commie/libtards slipping in some reprehensible substitute for the the two old white guys.

Some Wednesday Goodness

The following video is really what this election year is all about. The evil baby killing commie/libtards can promise all the free stuff they can dredge up from the pits of their blackened souls.  They can call us names, screech about equality, social justice, global warming, and the right to kill your children. But when it comes down to the bottom line the real citizens of this country will re-elect Donald Trump with the largest margin ever recorded.

I am looking forward to bathing in the bitter tears of the commie/libtards. 

Lee Greenwood - The Story of "God Bless the USA"

Lee sings at 10:08 if you really don't want to listen to the story behind the song - but I recommend you listen to the lead up.

As a personal aside I have always loved the pretty feminine southern ladies with lovely make-up and fancy hair. 



Virtual Mirage:  Casting the Chicken Bones who will be the choice for VP?

Lone Star Parson:  Behold The Face Of Disney And Satan  the face of "diversity" by the commie/libtards

Red Pill Jew:  Wednesday Whittle another great Whittle vid

Amazon Today

I've used the Umcka cold stuff and found it to be excellent. A few days ago I ordered a couple of the Umcka Cold and a couple of Umcka Flu and Cold.  Will it cure coronavirus? I doubt it, but it doesn't hurt to have some on hand.  I also ordered N-95 masks while they were still available thanks to a great article by Bunkerville.  She also has this article about how to use your masks - 

Making best use of you N95 Respirators and other options - and we thank her.

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