Saturday, December 14, 2019

F*ck Boris...

Confirmed: Commie/libtards are ugly, crude, and stupid no matter where they live.

I'm watching an exclusive video over at Breitbart showing the anti-Boris Johnson protesters in London and, trust me on this, they're repulsive.  When you wander over to watch, please note all the professionally pre-printed signs just ready to go for their pathetic little march against the prevailing wisdom of the British voters.

At just 20 seconds in we have a women wearing a "f*ck Boris" T-shirt (classy) calling Johnson a pig and she's so ashamed that he's been elected prime minister and wishes him a horrible death.  Are you kidding me? She's walking around with  "f*ck Boris" plastered on her bosom calling him a pig?

Ugly no matter where they live
These tattooed, ear-gauged, greasy haired, and mostly fat creatures are chanting "Not my prime minister", and screeching like demons about racism.

If you consider yourself a bleeding heart virtue signaling liberal, you may want to rethink that position. 

Note to commie/libtards everywhere:  Boris Johnson is your prime minister, and Donald Trump is your president. Capiche?

Gleefully swiped from our very own British transplant to the great state of Texas - Lone Star Parson - and we thank him!

This inspiring tune's in honour of Brexit and the crushing defeat suffered by the rainbow Left and their billionaire, transnational elite, bankster paymasters.  
You'd better deliver, Johnson.

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