Monday, October 7, 2019

Stephen Miller on Trump...

via Breitbart.

The hypocritical social justice diversity loving commie/libtards will not take this country away from us deplorable dirt persons.  Not while I have a breath left in my aging cantankerous body.

I've noticed over the past few weeks more and more people are dangling at the end of their tether and are becoming unwilling to put up with the crap spilling forth from the left.

When are the elected people cluttering up DC going to realize that they were not put in office to harass the president (yes, Martha - Trump is your president) instead of doing the work of the people?

As much as we disliked Odumbo (who, by the way, is half  black and completely ignores his white half) nothing of the magnitude of what Trump has had to endure ever happened.

I've placed all the commie/libtards I know into three categories which more often than not overlap:  sociopath, malignant narcissist, or just plain stupid. 

Stephen Miller has put into words exactly what I'm thinking - and I thank him ↓
“It gets to the heart of all these issues, which is you have a president who is fighting for you and fighting for your family against this execrable Washington swamp like no one has ever done before." Every day, hour by hour, I am blessed and fortunate enough to see it up close and firsthand. No one has ever fought harder for you or more valiantly for you from the Oval Office than this president. We need to support him right now more than ever in the face of radical leftist Democrats and socialists and their allies in the media and in the permanent bureaucracy.”
...“Everyone has it in their power to make a difference, whether it’s writing to lawmakers, whether it’s posting important Breitbart articles on social media, whether it’s showing up and attending events with people who are supportive of the president and showing your own encouragement, or whether it’s talking to your friends and neighbors and just making sure they’re all engaged and informed. But all of these things cumulatively multiplied by thousands and thousands and thousands of people is going to make an extraordinary difference. So it’s in your hands, to each and every one of your listeners, the fate of the future of the country.”
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Exclusive — Stephen Miller Warns America: ‘Do Not Be a Bystander to History’; the ‘Fate of the Future of the Country’ Is ‘in Your Hands’


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