Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ilhan Omar: Seditious and a traitor?

you be the judge.

I believe that impeachment is inevitable. It also is a terrifying notion. Nations struggle any time they overthrow a dictator, and Trump really has the markings of a dictator. 

After the ridiculous Cohen dog and pony show yesterday we have the above little missive from the Minnesota muslim.  Dictator?  

What the hell is wrong with the people of this country that this sort of thing is allowed?

These people are paid by the American tax-payers to deal with the work of the country - not spend countless hours listening to a convicted liar trash our president.

Is this okay with the commie freaks living in Minnesota?   

Are we headed toward a civil war?

If this sort of crap continues it wouldn't surprise me a bit.  


American Thinker:  Is a Second Civil War Coming?

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