Saturday, August 18, 2018

Let's be clear about the scandal occurring in the Catholic Church...

it's about homosexuality.

You know - that prideful perversion.

If people can't call it what it is, it will never be eradicated.

Yesterday some guy at American Spectator, an opinion outlet that considers itself top drawer, published an article that used the word "pedophilia" over, and over, and over concerning the recent report from the Pennsylvania grand jury.  Because the good Lord knows we can't appear to be homophobic and insult teh gheys.

This has been ongoing in the Church for decades.  It was planned.  The plan was executed.  The plan is blowing up now.  And it's about time. 

Allow me to say this to all Catholics reading this:

There is nothing wrong with the Church.

There's much wrong with some of the leaders.

I have work to do and will leave you with some links of enlightenment. 

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The Remnent:   PREDATOR BISHOPS: It’s Time for You to Go

The Wanderer:  McCarrick And Power

Is the Pennsylvania grand jury report slanted?


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