Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Kristin Mink, teacher at the exclusive Sidwell Friends school, thinks harassing EPA's Scott Pruitt while he's eating lunch is classy behavior...

this is the kind of teacher the kids get for 40K per year.

Tattooed, shaved head, and ignorant.

Notice how the commie/marxist/libtards always use children as pawns in furthering their agendas and smear campaigns.

Pruitt sat and politely listened to her.
EPA spokesman Lincoln Ferguson, however, said that Mink’s account of the exchange wasn’t entirely accurate: “Administrator Pruitt always welcomes input from Americans, whether they agree or disagree with the decisions being made at EPA. 
“This is evident by him listening to her comments and going on to thank her, which is not shown in the video. His leaving had nothing to do with the confrontation, he had simply finished his meal and needed to get back to EPA for a briefing.”
Proud to be a beta male

This woman, married to a beta male, thinks rubbing elbows with the elite of DC through her job makes her an elite too.

If Sidwell Friends had any sense they'd throw this human piece of arrogance to the curb. 

Take note of the look on Puritt's companion when she first walks up - it's hilarious.

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And for a bit of a pre-Independance Day good feels read some of the stories on the #WalkAway Facecrap page.  I joined even though I have nothing to walk away from. 

What are your plans for tomorrow?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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