Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tyranny of Thought...

is the real goal.

Are you as tired of hearing about lying criminally subversive Mueller as I am?  It's days like this I seek out that which expands my mind or inspires my creativity, because the chances of these commie/marxist/libtards ever ending up in a jail cell is remote.

I'll settle for them just going away and letting Trump do his job without all the distractions.

And who needs distractions when we should be preparing for the Prince Harry/Sparkle Markle debacle set to take place on Saturday? We've come a long way from kings abdicating the throne to marry an American divorcee to the current royals living openly together before marriage.  'Nuff said.


Thanks to deep thinker Francis Porretto's post, I was sent to read Control of Belief – Tyranny’s Endgame at Declination.
Once upon a time, it was quite rare to see Leftism naked; laid bare for all to see. Soviets once cloaked themselves in moral supremacy and the imperative to spread the workers’ paradise to the world. Democrats explained that poverty must be eliminated, healthcare given freely to all, and bigotry of all forms erased from the Earth. Leftism prided itself upon its perceived moral beauty. Always they progressed to the utopia, the heaven on Earth viewed as their due, since the divine was quite silly and could not possibly exist.  
Leftists could not bring themselves to admit their real end goal, not publicly, and perhaps not even consciously. For some, defense of Socialism was so deep, so ardent and passionate, that one could scarcely disbelieve their sincerity. Yet even the most sincere may lie to himself.
Recently, the mask has slipped. Curled around the edges, it falls away. Beauty, fairness, diversity, and morality… these fade away, revealing the ugliness beneath. We’ve seen it often enough in their resistance to Donald Trump. On social media, we have seen the hatred, the disgust, the dismissive disdain in which they hold us. Censors run amok, removing us from any platform where they have sufficient control. We are disinvited, our accounts are banned or deleted, our employers harassed, and our names tarnished.  
Today, however, the mask slips a little further. The title lays it out, though we must fisk this mess too: You don’t have a right to believe whatever you want to.  Do Read the Rest - it's excellent!
And then read further thoughts on the subject at Fran's place, Liberty's Torch - also excellent.


Richard Fernandez:  The Global City

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