Monday, April 2, 2018

I'm back. Did I miss anything...


Stormy Daniels?  Seriously?

The Hogg creature slithering out and commanding media time that could be far better used for someone actually intelligent?  His behavior harks back to the Nazi Youth movement.

I am somewhat concerned with this whole boycott crapola against Laura Ingraham.  Like Sean Hannity, I don't hold with boycotting advertisers and companies.  If a company takes a stand for or against something that directly affects me, I may decide to shop elsewhere, but to force a company to take a stand for or against an individual is dangerous.

How about Roseanne?  Nope.  Couldn't care less. I never watched the show on the first pass since I much preferred shows with pretty people and lovely homes.  My one exception to that was All in the Family.  I have no plans to watch Roseanne now.

So what have I been doing?


On top of my list are books on communism.  Radical Son, by David Horowitz, America's 30 Years War - Who is Winning, by Balint Vazsonyi, and even a reread of The Church, Communism, and Democracy, by Fulton J. Sheen have topped my list this past week.

So far I've reached the point of calling movements by their true name.  Marxism, Liberalism, Socialism, Leninism, and Progressivism, as these terms are used today,  are all movements that eventually lead to Communism if not already blatantly communistic.

The thing that seems to bind today's leftists together is a lack of belief in God so they've made the state their god just as the leftists of past times have done.

And the other problem is the rapid fire way news, most of it fake, bounces around the world.

There will be more to come.

In the meantime:


One other thing I managed to do this past week was finally having a new eye exam.  As a former optician, I had come to the realization that my vision problems were no doubt due to cataracts forming.  I was right.

There are three main types of cataracts - innies, outies, and a pesky one in the middle (listen - I understand that these highly technical medical terms are a trial for you, but try and keep up ;-)

Being the high achiever I am, I scored a triple and have all three, and.........I've been astigmatic my entire life too.

So........that means in addition to an implant for the cataracts, a toric lens will probably be needed for the astigmatism.  Insurance doesn't cover the toric lens which is going to cost $800.00 per eye.

Why am I telling you this?


I receive a small commission from Amazon when you purchase items through my links - at no additional cost to you.  Even if you purchase items I have not specifically linked to will earn me a few cents. Just remember you're helping to restore my sight - and I thank you.

Every item I link to has been either purchased by me or has been vetted by not only reading numerous reviews, but also running the url through Fakespot.  I always suggest when buying any item online to do your own research, which for me includes the companies response to a bad review.

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