Monday, January 15, 2018

Trump declares January 15th Martin Luther King Day...

I thought that was already a done deal.

But, I confess to not paying much attention to his special day since I don't work at a bank or the post office.

I don't have anything against the guy.  I actually liked his approach.  As far as his personal life we're back to God sending the right people at the right time.

Would MLK be appalled if he could witness the rioting blacks of today? Absolutely.

Which brings me to an article I saw at Daily Mail back on the 8th.  A school in Dallas was having a "Breakfast with Dads" event.  They realized that many of the kids didn't have fathers in the home or in their life, so they asked for 50 volunteers to help out.  Six hundred men showed up.

The problems in the inner cities that are plagued by fatherless homes leading to poverty, crime, and dysfunction could be solved in one generation (about 20 years) if these same 600 men committed to keep showing up.

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