Saturday, January 13, 2018

Let's exercise... w/Update

something besides our mental capacity for ferreting out fake news.

As soon as my breakfast settles, I will be hauling out my exercise mat and starting the next part of my Weight Watchers' journey - improving my core strength and beefing up my legs.

Since I was a professional dancer and have mostly held jobs that required me to be in an upright and locked position for extended periods of time, my muscle memory makes working on my legs quick work.

Which is a good thing since I'm tired of requiring a skyhook to get me off my knees.

The Plank

High on my endeavor list today will be to attempt a plank.  It looks deceptively easy, but the experts all say it is anything but easy.

I've provided a very good video demonstration of a plank.  To please the men, I've picked out a video with two very healthy and pretty women.

How about we watch another pretty girl demonstrating squats?


I did a full plank

Later I will go to the store using my new 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer.  I finally had time to program it.  The company very wisely has made a video to help with the set up.  So far with the few tests I've done around the house, this thing is 100% spot on because it's programmed with your personal step length. My step length is fairly short, but I'm a speedy little critter. When you're 5'2" you don't dare walk slowly or you'll be crushed.  

 It also calculates calories burned, total distance walked, and a bunch of other stuff.  Best $22.99 I've spent in a long time. 

If you wish to MAGA, you must be healthy, strong, and keep your guns clean!

So, get out there and MAGA everyone.

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