Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pamela Geller on "Reform" Jews...

which begged the question, "What the hell is a reformed Jew?"

And this sort of thing is what eats up my time.

It's a habit of mine to do at least minimal research on a topic before flapping my gums. 

Several years ago I cleared up Messianic Jew - another oddity if you ask me.

Pam writes in her article, Leftist U.S. Jews Slam Trump Over Jerusalem Move, Warn of ‘Destructive Consequences’, that the "reform" Jews are all in a tizzy over Trump declaring Jerusalem the capitol of Israel. 

The conclusion I reached is reform Jews are sort of like cafeteria Catholics.  These people just pick and choose what they like about a religion and ignore what they don't like. 

The difference between Jews and Catholics is a Jew can be an ethnic definition as well as a religion, whereas being Catholic isn't ethnic. 

That being said, one of the notable things (to me) about reform Jews is their casting out the traditions, many of the holidays, prayers, and other flotsam and jetsam that impedes how they lead their lives. 

Nothing is going to stop them from calling themselves Jews, just as Catholics for Choice can parade around calling themselves Catholic, but the only people they're fooling is themselves.

Pam's article is good and well worth a read. 


After you've read Pam, head over and read this piece of clap trap:

The Blaze:  Colleges across America promote taking Christ out of Christmas (yeah, right - I'll get right on that.  Dopes!)

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