Thursday, December 28, 2017

I see fat people...

and most of them are liberals.

Before you get up in arms and calling me judgmental and all that crapola, I'm not letting myself off the hook.  As for poking fun at liberals, it's always open season on them. 

Way before I joined up with Weight Watchers, I had started to notice the high number of overweight peeps roaming about the grocery stores and other public places.

I also started to really look at the amount of food crammed into the average grocery store.  High on my list is pickles as the benchmark for the question, "When is enough enough?"  Do we really need to choose between 40 or so brands and types of pickles.  Remember when all we had was grandmas home canned pickles?

Then I quit noticing the fat peeps and noticed myself.  It took me about one hour to get signed up for WW and a few days until my first meeting and weigh-in.

So what have I learned so far?

We simply eat too much and certainly not the right stuff.  

It really is as simple as that.

I've always been a big consumer of veggies, so that part of the "plan" was easy.  The other part was pretty much not eating so much.  Has it been easy.  Actually, yes.

Fat Acceptance

And now we have the "fat acceptance" movement with fat women taking off their clothes and deeming their actions "brave."

Leader of the pack is one Tess Holliday, a plus sized model who has festooned her grossly obese body with tattoos since just being fat wasn't making her ugly enough.  If you dare to point out that she's fat, you are mocked and called names. Sound familiar?

These fat people have turned themselves another victim group like blacks,"transgenders", homosexuals, and crazy people who demand that we not only accept them, but celebrate whatever proclivities they struggle with.

Just about all the women championing this fat acceptance movement are libtards.  If you know of any conservative women on this bandwagon, please point them out.

Women's March Gala Gathering in Las Vegas 

On Jan 21st, the women who made pussy hats popular, will gather in Las Vegas to celebrate the anniversary of making complete fools of themselves and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Here, including the infamous Linda Sarsour, is the committee in charge:

Need I point out to you the one thing they have in common?

I didn't think so.

I am not advocating for making fun of fat people and that is not what I'm doing here.  I am merely pointing out a fact and suggesting that this whole feminist fat acceptance craze is sad and dangerous.


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