Monday, December 4, 2017

Crazy Minnesota Mayor provides us with a lesson on how not to argue with a SJW...

and a few other lessons as well.

Is it something in the water of Minnesota (or possibly the snow combined with some virulent mosquito-borne virus)  that makes people so nuts?

Below you will see the mentally ill Mayor of New Brighton, Minnesota launch into a tirade against skeptic of 'White Privilege', during Cultural Marxist focus group.

SJW Val Johnson
Witness two SJW women, the mayor of New Brighton, MN, Val Johnson, and Councilwoman Mary Burg, babbling about "white privilege."  Councilwoman Gina Bauman,  makes a logical and polite defense against the concept of "white privilege.

Immediately, and right on cue, the mayor accuses her of racism.  To her credit, Ms Bauman, quite rightly defends herself and denies any racism, but she did it incorrectly.

Listen up here folks because this is important:

Do not allow someone to put you in the position of defending yourself.  You've already lost when you do that.  Instead, loudly and firmly declare the SJW (Social Justice Warrior) a racist.  Accuse them of holding the belief that people of color are too stupid or weak to hold a job or lead a morally upright life without the help of white people. Declare their position abhorrent and keep repeating your charge of racism against the SJW.  Make them defend their position. 

Ms Bauman brought up her immigrant roots and also made the classic mistake I call "some of my best friends are black" argument as though these things will validate her opinion to the attacking SJW.  It will not, because the SJW doesn't care.

They navigate life based on emotions.  If you argue against their position with logic, you'll lose.  Actually, if you argue at all you've already lost.  You must attack back immediately with bigger and bolder emotions. 

This mayor followed the classic Alinsky tactics.  Say anything you wish with not one shred of fact based evidence to back up your claim and force the other person into the position of defending themselves.  It's all about "feelings", doncha know.

As noted above, anyone who disagrees with the SJW is loudly declared a racist, sexist, homophobe, or any of the other phobes or isms they can throw into the conversation.

SJW kitteh
When that doesn't seem to be working, the SJW will simply turn on them and tell them to shut up, followed closely by a declaration of passion over the subject, and will become a virtue signaling hysterics-machine crying victim hood.

As abhorrent as it is for a logical person to resort to Alinsky type tactics, you must make use of Alinsky rule number four -“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules" when dealing with these emotion driven people. 

Other Observations

We have a country chock full of women infected with toxic feminism.  They loudly spew forth the idea that women and men are just alike - no, actually they think women are better, smarter, and more moral than men.  They try to ignore the fact that women operate more on an emotional level while men tend to be more factual, and there is nothing wrong with that.  The sexes are supposed to compliment each other.  The exchange with the woman on this council backs up what I'm saying.  Except for Gina Bauman, the other two are acting like hysterical menopausal women having a major hot flash.

About Those "Men"

Lest you think I'm only going to bash feminists today, take a good hard look at those paunchy, bored, weak people who call themselves men.  On what sunny beach is their manhood vacationing to allow being set upon by these hysterical overwrought women?  Not one of them dares step up to defend Ms Bauman.  Even if, as I suspect, they're the new male feminists, what man would allow a person, male or female, to insult their colleague in such a manner? 

According to CityPages, not shown in this video "things chilled when City Manager Dean Lotter diplomatically intervened. He didn't want to lose sight of the fact "that everyone around this table" has the same goal "to know people feel good" about living in New Brighton.

I have news for you wimp - it's your job to run the city and that does not include making people feel good about living there. 

The Most Shocking of All

The city of New Brighton, nestled between commie strongholds of St. Paul and Minneapolis, re-elected this woman to be their mayor.

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