Tuesday, November 14, 2017

When did women become so unladylike?...

and yet expect to be treated like ladies?

We can thank modern day "feminism" for that.

You wanted to be equal to men and had to lower yourselves to achieve that goal.

Now you wander about with unkempt hair, swear like the best sailor, think it's cute to shoot your middle finger at the president's motorcade, and then act surprised and offended when your company fires you.  You also subjected the civilized world to an unobstructed view of your size 18 rear patoot crammed into size 12 pants. Have you no shame?


You've festooned your body (usually overweight) with tattoos, stuck earrings in places where no earrings belong (hint - they're called earrings for a reason), and wear tight t-shirts with the top half of your breasts exposed and act all offended when I guy looks.

You take birth control pills so you can have equality in sexual relationships and brag about your "conquests" and wonder why no guy wants to marry you.  Or worse, you become pregnant and think killing you baby will solve your problem.

Which brings me to this outrageously unladylike drunken woman slapping a police officer and shocked, shocked, I tell you, that he smacked her back.

I confess to having been drunk.  But I can tell you with some certainty that I was never hauled out of a football game feet first and never thought taking a swing at a cop was a good idea.  Not just any cop - but a black cop!  Doesn't black trump white?

When I was a drama queen teenager (aren't they all?) I once slapped a guy who promptly slapped me back and explained the facts of life to me.  You do not slap people. Ever. Lesson was learned.

All toxic male behavior did was make you give away your real power - the power a real woman has always held over men.

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