Friday, November 3, 2017

Eating because you're bored...

a topic at this weeks Weight Watchers meeting.

My first thought was, "Why are you bored?"

So I'm sitting at the weekly Weight Watchers meeting last Monday and heard all the things people did to keep from eating when they were bored.  One said she headed to her computer to play gambling games.  Another said she went to her basement.  What she actually did in that basement is still a mystery.

I was completely startled to hear grown women babble on about boredom. I can't recall a time when being bored was a problem.  Instead, I'm usually frustrated because I have too many things grabbing for my attention and way too many interesting things to do and not enough time to do them all.

And what child can not recall saying those fateful words to their mom, "I'm boooorrrred."  Mom usually had a solution for that problem and it never included going to the amusement park. 

This boredom thingy does not include time spent just cogitating about life.  Or calling tiredness boredom when a power nap will fix the problem.

To attack the problem of eating when bored, one must first find out why they're bored and fix that problem.  The "eating when bored" will vanish when you become so interested in something that you forget to eat.

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