Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Texas and Florida first! No more "refugees"...

we can't afford them. 

 Are more importantly, we don't want them.

 It's as simple as that.

 I've been doing some mega research on the refugee issue since it's hitting close to home - notably Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry, Idaho - one hour and one and a half hours from where I live.

What I'm learning is very disturbing.

Ann Corcoron, or Refugee Resettlement Watch addressed this today:

Consider the optics Mr. President! Thousands of impoverished people arriving in the US when Americans are homeless

[...]“The public should be outraged to learn that in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which have left tens of thousands of Americans homeless, that we are poised to take in thousands of impoverished refugees when we now have our own refugees, struggling people who have lost their homes, lost everything, with their lives shattered, living in tents, shelters and RVs,” Corcoran said. “To bring in more from other countries in a time like this would be the ultimate insanity.”
And Leo Hohmann, at World Net Daily, also addresses the issue today:

Who am I?

I'm just one small voice in this country who advocates for MAGA.  I don't have a fancy website, domain name, no ads (although Newsmax is courting me again), no techie types working for me, and my computer skills are on a "need to know basis."  Many days I wonder why I do this and then I remember that we all have a voice and we all have an obligation to do what is necessary within our own capabilities - so I carry on. I appreciate everyone who visits and has input into the great conservative struggle.

Which brings me to my:

Computer Tip of the Day:

If your monitor won't come on and tells you it has "no signal", before spending an hour or more on another computer researching how to fix the problem, which in many cases involves dragging your desk away from the wall (good time to vacuum up the dust bunnies), engaging a flashlight to check all cables, disconnecting the aforementioned cables to make sure the little pointy bits are not bent, trying to "trick" your monitor into submission by banging on the menu button and/or the auto button, and finally leaving a desperate message on your computer guru's phone - I want you to do one thing:

Make sure your computer is on.

While I continue to research and pull my notes together, please enjoy Chad Prather on remembering 9/11.

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