Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gardening: The Orchid Edition Update...

blooms are opening.

It was around the middle of July when I first noticed the flower spike on my phalaenopsis orchid plant.  Yesterday the first bloom opened with at least three to follow.

I'm guessing that by the time I noticed the spike it was at least three weeks or more old.   From the time the spike first appears to actual bloom time averages  around three months, so my little guy is a go-getter.

All gardening teaches patience, but orchids do it in spades.

The spike was about half this height when I first noticed it:

And now:

The back of the bloom:

I've been led to believe that and orchid doesn't grow new leaves when it's blooming.  Not so.  The new leaf was just starting to appear when I first noticed the spike. It's grown rapidly as the spike grew taller.

Check out the little "teeth" on the bottom.  Cool!

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