Wednesday, September 6, 2017

DACA, DACA, DACA, replaces Russia, Russia, Russia, which was replaced by Hurricane Harvey, soon to replaced by Hurricane Irma...

notice a pattern?

When are we going to finally stop allowing the media to jack with us?

I refuse to allow the over-paid over-hyped mental midgets of the MSM dictate how I will think or behave.  And you should too.

Even though we don't imbibe in MSM at home (haven't had cable for over 20 years), through the wonders of the internet this acid drip of misinformation keeps seeping into our daily lives corroding our brain cells and wreaking havoc on our health by keeping us in a daily orgy of anger.

When we're not angry we're frantically looking for people who agree with us and to affirm to us that we're all being gaslighted and not just crazy.

Let me be the first to tell you that you're not nuts.

What is going on is a planned assault.  Who and why is the major question.

This is not a sound bite type post.  It's a post that will send you off to research and come to an understanding of what's going on.

Smarter and more connected peeps than myself have done the research and given us plenty of verifiable truth to ponder.

If you don't know who your enemy is than you are doomed to engage in a circular firing squad randomly plinking at only God's knows who and never hitting the true target.

Starting off the journey is TOP 10 LEFTIST GROUPS WREAKING HAVOC ACROSS U.S., SABOTAGING TRUMP  See who's behind hysteria, 'hate' campaigns, fierce 'resistance' sweeping America posted over at World Net Daily.  The author, Chelsea Schilling, has done a masterful job of informing us, with proper attributions and links, to the dangerous games the libtards are playing.

Next, head over to Newsbusters and read Conservatives Urge Media: Cut Ties With SPLC Over Dangerous "Hate Map".  The Southern Poverty Law Center has been pedaling their own brand of hate for decades.  It's time to make them irrelevant. 

And finally, check out Discover the Networks, the site of David Horowitz, who has compiled the most in-depth drill downs of the major players, both individuals and groups, who are working to destroy the U.S.A.

Discover the Networks is not a site where you drop in for a sound bite.  It is a source to bookmark and spend a bit of time each day.  

For now, I'm working on a plan to limit my daily dose of insanity.  Maybe put a padlock on the computer?  What say you all my fellow deplorable, racist, and homophobic friends?

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