Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Elvis Presley: January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977...

RIP Elvis

40 Years Today

While I prefer some of his numbers from his Comeback Special in 1968, I found this to be more appropriate for the events unfolding now.

When I moved to Texas in the early 60's and attended my first musical event the band played Dixie and everyone stood up.  I was completely dumbfounded and had no inkling of why they stood up.  I stood up after being prodded by my new friends.

I was a recent transplant from St. Paul, MN and had little knowledge of the Civil War beyond what I what I had been taught in school - which was truthful, but uninspiring.

My husband at that time (RIP) was a civil war expert and over the years we were together I learned the real history of the war.

What I'm witnessing going on now makes my heart constrict in pain and my soul explode with fury.

You will not erase our history - and yes, the south became my history.  It became who I am.  

No one has to tell me to stand up for the playing of Dixie anymore.

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