Saturday, June 24, 2017

Children of Darkness...

on second thought is not really funny - only shocking and sad.

This video uses the voice of the moderator from the Oscar nominated 1983  documentary Children of Darkness  produced and written by Richard Kotuk and Ara Chekmayan.  The original Children of Darkness explored the topic of juvenile psychiatry and the acute lack of mental health care in America for seriously emotionally disturbed youth. 

Replacing the original video with current young people demonstrating at protests gives new meaning to "liberalism is a mental disorder."

I am by no means a shy and retiring type of person, but I'm aghast when I see people behave like this in public.  

Today Amazon told me I've saved over $150.00 on postage and avoided 19 trips to a store.  I've been a Prime member since Feb 12th (approximately 4 months.)  I'd call that $99.00 well spent.

On Wednesday I realized that I needed new cartridge refills for my Cross fountain pen.  Here were my choices: 1. drive to Coeur d'Alene to Office Max, park, walk in hoping they have the cartridges in stock, purchase them (and, no doubt being in an office supply would mean I'd probably purchase a bunch of other stuff), drive home. Or: 2. saunter down the hall with a cup of coffee, hit up Amazon and have the refills delivered on Friday.  That wasn't a hard decision to make.

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