Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump to CNN: I'm no longer going to call you fake news. Now I'm going to call you "very" fake news...w/ Update

best line of the presser.

During an exchange with CNN’s White House reporter Jim Acosta, Trump said he was changing his description of their network from “fake news” to “very fake news.”

From the anti-Trumpers:
  • unhinged, 
  • ranting 
  • unfit
  • mentally ill
  • raving
Chuck Todd even called the presser:   Donald Trump’s Delegitimization of Press "Un-American," "Not a Laughing Matter"

It certainly isn't a laughing matter the way you and your cohorts distort and bend the "news" to fit your narrative. What happened to who, what, when, and where?

President Donald Trump (still like the sound of that) delegitimizing the press is the most pro-American scenario to come along in 50 years.

Come with me, Chuck.  I have a basket of kittens to soothe your wounded and damaged psyche.  

For your viewing pleasure:  Donald Trump at his best.  Enjoy!

Update:  Listen to the weenie press whine and disparage Trump.  Priceless 

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