Wednesday, February 1, 2017

According to Minneapolis StarTrib "protesters" are wearing out their welcome...

even in lefty land.

A whole gaggle of people protesting the "Muslim ban" (which is not a "Muslim" ban), gathered together in downtown Minneapolis led by (lesbian) mayor Betsy Hodges.  They blocked streets, delayed buses and light rail service and generally created havoc. The lefty newspaper Minneapolis StarTrib article about this had over 400 comments.  I took the time to read about 100 of the aforementioned comments.  All but one was soundly against the protests.  Many brought up the fact that Odumbo did exactly the same thing and no one complained.

Delayed buses and light rail?   I guarantee you the people who are on those buses and trains are downtown service workers who have spent the day cleaning toilets and bussing dishes.  The protesters don't care because their lily white asses are never planted on a bus or train after a day of cleaning toilets.  Oh, hell noes!

Today the citizens of Minneapolis can probably expect a protest over the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  The overwhelming consensus of the commenters was that they are sick and tired of the inconvenience of having people blocking streets (illegally), and are really upset that the (lesbian) mayor is more concerned with marching (illegally), rather than address the skyrocketing crime problem in Minneapolis.

Even bobble-head Chuck Schumer is a target for these (mostly paid) protesters as they gathered (probably illegally) in front of his apartment building in Brooklyn demanding he do more in the way of resisting this administration.

Do these arrogant self-righteous useless fools not realize that other people live in that building?  There is going to come a time (soon?) when someone is going to be tired after a long day and wants nothing more than to go home and have a cocktail and some fool is going to be in his way - and (boom!) there will be ass whipping of epic proportions.

Are these protesters trying to start a civil war?  If so, they need to realize that we own all the guns


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