Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What Trump supporters can learn from this election cycle...

because it wasn't easy.

Before Trump snagged the nomination, I tried to remain neutral.  Afterwards, I admitted to being a Trump supporter from the moment he rode down the escalator.  Why?  I have no idea other than a "feeling."  Well, now - you can't run your life on "feelings."  That's how libtards run their lives and I certainly wasn't one of those creatures.

Untold hours were spent vetting every piece of news on Trump, including all the bad stuff.  I wended my weary way through the disgraceful National Review issue with the so-called heavy weights of the conservative movement trashing Trump.  These were people, most of whom I held in high esteem and considered, well, way smarter than myself.  Sitting on my desk was Jonah Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism, which I thought was excellent, and he was one of the anti-Trump leaders, who even now tries to defend his position with a half-hearted "I was wrong" article, but continues to trash Trump's character.

Not only did Trump supporters have to endure being called racist, deplorable, et al, by the left, but now the right was calling them misinformed ignorant  dwellers of single-wides who, by virtue of their lack of education, were supremely unqualified to make such an important decision.  Fellow conservative anti-Trump bloggers turned against us and cast us off into the cyber space. 

Never before, in such a public way, did the support of a candidate call down the wrath of the loony left, but also from the right side of the aisle.  We had to endure leaders in the party, like the sainted Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, trash their own candidate.

How hard was this to endure?  Very hard.  At least for me.  The constant second guessing of my own research wreaked havoc on my already fragile psyche.  There were days when I was confident of my decision and then there were the days when I was convinced I was wrong and hopelessly ignorant. 

 What I Discovered

The valuable lesson to be learned here is trusting in your own instincts is vital for continuing to inhabit this earth as an individual and not part of a collective.  Not blind instinct, but instinct backed up by research.  In all my research I could find no incident that branded Trump a racist, anti-women, or any of the other ugly epithets hurled at him.

I also discovered that being an individual was way more important than esteem from others.  Having to defy the group think, even if the group think was part of your own group, wasn't easy, but it was well worth it for the lessons it taught.

I'm not saying that any and every group response is bad.  But it is of paramount importance that one remain an individual even when choosing to freely associate with a group of like minded individuals.  The group must never be elevated over the individual.

What we witnessed with this election was ordinary people who stepped away from the collective and found themselves. I call that extraordinary, don't you?

Keep in mind, fellow travelers, that when you operate as an individual you will be an outcast even from your own group.  You will be called a loose cannon and someone who is not to trusted. Withstanding the pressure to slink back to your "safe space" in the collective can be strong.

Don't fall for it.

Wishing all of you a wonderful and prosperous New Year

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