Friday, January 13, 2017

Dr. Ben Carson Opening Statement...

he concludes with:

"We must exercise true compassion. True compassion is not keeping people in a situation where we can feel good about we're doing. True compassion is putting them in a situation where they can feel good about where they're going."


This country now has a completely out of control welfare system that rewards bad choices and bad behavior.  I see it around here with unmarried young girls who purposely become pregnant full well knowing that a section 8 house or apartment is waiting for them, food stamps and WIC will be provided, and all their medical needs will be met - including the cost of specialists if their second or third out of wedlock pregnancy proves difficult.

By working a part-time job and filing for a Earned Income Tax Credit, a woman with three illegitimate children will receive over $6,000.00 tax refund each year in addition to all her benefits.   

 There is no incentive for the man involved to actually marry the girl because she will lose all this "free" stuff.  In many of these cases the man is abandoned by the girl as soon as she becomes pregnant. Almost none of these girls attend any type of school to better their situation.

The typical virtue signaling liberal loves these programs, not because they help people, but because they can go home and congratulate themselves for being more moral than the mean old conservatives who would like to witness some accountability. 

I plan to watch the entire confirmation hearing when I have time.   Dr. Carson presents himself quite well in the first half hour that I watched.

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