Wednesday, December 21, 2016

When did Trump win the election?...

when asked that question, Sean Hannity said that Trump won the election the day he rode down that escalator.

An article over at American Thinker made me recall June, 16th, 2015, when I watched him come down the escalator.  As surprised as the rest of the world, I immediately said, "Yes!"  Not just "yes", but, "Hell yes!"

I didn't know why I reacted that way since I knew little about Trump.  I knew he had a TV program, owned a bunch of real estate, and had an unfortunate marriage to his second wife.   I had only watched his show once, but did admire his no -nonsense cut-to-the-chase approach while never appearing to be mean.

So what made me say, "Yes?"

I have no idea, but the feeling (it was just a feeling) was so strong, I knew he would be the next president.

The American Thinker article drags out all the usual reasons Trump won, which have been bandied about by every pundit across the world.  White male anger tops the list, along with voter apathy, Clinton being a world class criminal, and on, and on.

Maybe the answer is much simpler.  Maybe 63 million other people who watched Trump come down that escalator and listened to his speech were also assailed by that mysterious spidey sense and, like me, said, "Yes!"

When I taught about miracles at religious ed, I always pointed out to my students that if people were waiting for a burning bush moment to herald the advent of a miracle, they would have a very long wait.  Miracles don't happen like that.  They creep in and only the aware recognize them for what they are.

Was that escalator ride a burning bush moment? 



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