Thursday, November 17, 2016

Obama stumbles, um's and ah's his way through a presser with Angela Merkel while trashing Trump. More on Megyn Kelly, Hillary Clinton, and the dishonest press...

smartest man in the room?

I'm listening to Odumbo sound like the dope he is.  Imagine if you will Bush going oversees and trashing Odumbo.  You can't, because it would never happen.

Only a few more months to have to endure this disgrace of a president.

Meantime, Hillary crawls out looking a mess at a fund raiser for the Children's Defense Fund and says:
"I will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again."

 Tell me we didn't dodge a bullet nuclear war head by her not being elected.  Hillary, we don't care how you "feel."  The fact that you would admit in public to wanting to curl up with a book and a dog proves you are unfit for any public office.  And not having enough energy to wash your hair or slap some makeup on your puss speaks volumes. 

Megyn Kelly

Not to be outdone by the sniveling democratic nominee loser, Megyn Kelley was on the Glenn Beck radio show yesterday touting her poorly reviewed book, "All About Me."  She compared her dust up with Trump to her being shunned in 7th grade by every single one of her friends.  Every. Single. One.  Might there have been a reason, Megyn?  


No longer is school a place to send your children to actually learn something.  In the post Obama world they can skip school and protest against Trump.  A sidelight of the protest is they can beat the crapola out of Trump supporting kids.  

15-year-old Trump supporter rushed to hospital after being severely BEATEN by rioting high school students

San Francisco teachers union offers lesson plan calling Trump a racist

“You’re a dead man” Trump picture at Duluth’s Middle School sparks investigation


Suddenly it seems like everyone is on the "MSM are liars" bandwagon and the solution is to cut your cable.  We haven't had cable for over 20 years and haven't missed a thing, but saved a ton of money.  The propaganda being thrown at us is relentless and it works.

How do I know it works? 

Facecrap has taken to littering feeds with "suggested posts" since those of us with AdBlock don't see their targeted ads.  And targeted they surely are.  I do an Amazon search and within mere minutes, links to whatever I looked at show up on my feed.  I know they work because I really want to click through and check out the article or the item.  Now imagine someone who is unaware of the targeting. They will be fed a steady stream of propaganda which will, trust me on this, shape their thoughts and their lives.

Jeffrey A. Friedberg, over at Canada Free Press echoes my feelings exactly:
Now, they act as the vicious, brutal, unfeeling, propaganda arm of destructive, international Leftists. They support and promote violence in our streets and neighborhoods,  cities, towns, schools, malls, and anywhere else they can generate or find a headline. They transmute thugs and killers into “victims,” and folk heroes. They glory in war, blood, robbery, perversion, sex, drugs, homosexuality, pornography, mindless entertainment, “celebrities,” murder, illegal aliens, Islamic terror, Sharia law, alcohol abuse, personality destruction, and almost everything else they can use to undermine and destroy America.

Why would anybody listen to them, or watch them on TV, or read what they say, or buy whatever the hell else they are selling?

They don’t care about you.

They are not your friend.

They will not tell you the truth, or even everything that happens.

And for this they get paid millions?

Wolf, $16M
Chuck, $2M
Andrea, $5M
Rachel, $20M
Megyn, $15M
Shep, $20M
Chris, $16M
Diane, $80M

Okay, you get the picture, right? But do you know why they get paid this much money?

Because they have the magical ability to make you believe them.

Have you had enough of them, yet?

I have.
My parting thought: 

 Be cautious of who you associate with, what you read, and what you watch.  Always be aware that you are vulnerable to propaganda.  Pray daily for the gift of wisdom and graces for the battles ahead.

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