Monday, November 21, 2016

Liberals behaving badly and ...and INSTANT POT SALE AT AMAZON!!

because that's what they do best.

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I don't plan on spending too much time on the cast of Hamilton being boorish and stupid because, in the big scheme of things, they are irrelevant.  They're a bunch of nobodies, singing (poorly) music of no note (is that a pun?), and displaying overt racism.  This band of mostly black "actors" rely on white people of money to fund their crappy play.  It will never stand up to a comparison with Cats or Phantom of the Opera. 

And then we have Gigi Hadid, daughter of Islamic Jordanian multi-millionaire Mohamed Hadid and a dutch born mother, mocking (poorly) the first lady-elect Melania Trump at some music award show by doing an imitation (poorly) of Melania's accent.  If it wasn't for her father's millions, estimated to be between 100-200 million, she'd be just another beach bunny in California.

After having her nose re-shaped, her lips and breasts artificially
pumped up, an apparent eye lift, and cheek filler why she didn't bother to have her ears pinned back remains a mystery.

Women's March

A whole bunch of women who don't have anything better to do, are ganging up together to march on Washington, DC on Jan. 21st.  Why?  Because they feel insulted and marginalized.  If they can't make it to Washington, each state will have it's own march.

Allow me, as a "deplorable, racist, homophobic, misogynist, xenophobe, bitter clinger, right wing religious fanatic" to weigh in.  Your angst and "fears" are not about "rights."  It's simply about your being pissed off because you didn't get your way.  What you are doing is not a protest, but a temper tantrum.

Fake News

It didn't leave this for last because it was least important, but because it's the most important.  Suddenly, the MSM is all is a twist over "fake" news.  These bastions of liars, are going to do their best to shut us down.  You know, us "deplorable, racist, homophobic, misogynist, xenophobe, bitter clinger, right wing religious fanatics" because we don't tell the truth.

And yet, the "liberals who behave badly™" suck up any crazy crap they read at the New York Times, WaPo, or listen to on NPR and call it truth.  

Watch this clip and then tell me you aren't chilled to the very center of your being:


Since our Thanksgiving is a small affair a turkey breast is enough. And this year, I'll be doing it in my Instant Pot, which I understand produces turkey that is moister than even one that has been brined.  Now I'm headed in to do hard cooked eggs.  Did I mention that I love my Instant Pot?

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