Friday, November 11, 2016

Let's Celebrate the Brave Men and Women Who Have Served This Country by Creating Chaos and Destruction ...

my contempt knows no bounds. 

On this Veteran's Day, when we should all be honoring those who fought so we could live in a country that is free, the paid anarchist Hillary Clinton supporters are smashing car windows, ravaging businesses, and making life miserable for people who are just trying to get on with their lives - all in the name of fairness, inclusiveness, and tolerance.

We all remember the riots when Odumbo won his second term.  Wait, what?  There were no riots?  Let that sink in for a moment. The losers who live in Minneapolis, Portland, Boston, and other sanctuary cities, are spreading their brand of joy and peace, and in the process shooting the middle finger at every veteran who served, both living and dead. 

The traumatized special snowflakes, who have joined in with the Soros funded rioters to destroy property, are declaring themselves more moral, more inclusive, and more tolerant than the hateful ignorant Trump supporters.

The riots occurring have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.  Soros and ilk couldn't care less.  They have an agenda of a global government and will use any means necessary to accomplish their goals.

As for me and my home, we proudly fly the American flag on Veteran's Day (and most other days.)  I don't know about all  libtards, but the few I know not only don't fly the flag on Veteran's Day, they don't even own a flag.

For shame!

If confronted by a libtard, please feel free to gaze benignly at them and repeat the words of lame-duck President Obama - we won!

May God bless our veterans and all those who are serving us now.  

And may God bless and guide President-Elect Donald J. Trump bring a gigantic smile to your face watch this short video.  It's wonderful!


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