Monday, November 14, 2016

Donald Trump on 60 Minutes and The Battle is Won - The War Continues...

sad to say.

A momentary thought flitted through my mind after Trump became President-Elect Donald J. Trump, that we could relax and move on with our lives because Trump will take care of everything.  Then the truth set in.  This type of thinking is exactly what landed us where we, as a country, are now.

You can clearly see in Trump's interview with the dishonest MSM, the rampant "gotcha" questions, which he fielded with great grace.  Lesley Stahl had to make a big point of all the hate crimes being perpetrating in Trump's name, most of which have been proven false, while hundreds of anti-Trump rioters have been hauled off to jail for causing untold misery and millions of dollars of damage to businesses, and in wages to law enforcement paid by the American tax-payer.  Nothing much to say about that, Lesley?

The dishonest press will continue to be dishonest, the crazy crack head diaper pin wearing "protesters" will continue their nonsense, and the low info soy latte drinking elitist wannabe creepazoids will post silly petitions on Facecrap for Trump to "denounce the hate" - whatever the hell that means.

Far be it from me, a simple soul, to tell them to get over it, because I don't give a fig whether they get over it or not.  I actually hope they stay twisted up like a small intestine suffering from food poisoning for the next 8 years to provide me with ongoing amusement.

Here's what is going to change.  No longer will I believe anything I read, see, or hear without due diligence.  My first act today was to delete over a hundred RSS feeds from my Feedly.  No more wasting time reading crap from people who have for the past two years been enemies of Trump and the election process. They have nothing left to say, and many are already gearing up with the lies and distortions of everything Trump is saying or doing.

I am looking forward to dignity being restored to the White House.  No more foul mouthed rap artists, scantily clad twerking females, or a first lady who conducts herself like the meanest girl from high school.

What We Must Do

Prayer is powerful.  We must continue to hold Donald Trump in our prayers and ask God to guide and inform him. Forces of darkness are aligned against him and the one thing they fear is prayer to Our Lord and Savior for the protection of Donald J. Trump. 

If you are confronted with a lie, call it out.  We don't need to hide in the shadows, and we damn well don't owe the liars a shred of kindness. 


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