Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The debate on the debate...

is already turning moldy and stale.

We all watched it.

We all witnessed Lester Holt badger Trump and feed softball questions to Clinton.  I'm profoundly disappointed in him.  I thought he was a better man.  I was wrong

I was shocked to discover that Holt was completely responsible for all the questions.  

Word is out that Hillary Clinton knew the questions in advance.  It certainly appears that way.

Trump should have never accepted Holt's opening which set the stage for the entire night:
"There are two economic realities in America today.  A record six straight years of job growth, and census figures show incomes have increased after years of stagnation."
What the hell is Holt talking about?  I guess if you count a job at Starbucks as exploding job growth, then he would be correct.

Après debate:

All but a few very liberal polls had Trump winning.

Hillary didn't have a grand mal seizure (sigh), but she did have a weird shimmy event.  Do we want a president who shimmies?

This was in "no ways" normal or cute.

I'm getting Cheetos for the next debate.  I deserve it for sitting through 90 minutes of Kubuki theater last night 


Newt's Take on the Debate:




I listen to people like Newt, because I'm quite certain that most of us are too emotionally involved to see things with "soft eyes™".  


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