Monday, September 12, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton going to be forced to end her run for president?...

I think so.

Just about everyone has seen the damning video of Hillary being dragged into her van after collapsing at the 9/11 memorial yesterday.  And yet, if you wander over to Huff and Puff, you can read comment after comment saying there is nothing wrong with her.  It was the heat, menopause, a touch of pneumonia, or her busy schedule that caused her to "stumble." Reading comments like that brings the concepts of normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance to whole different level.

I feel great!
Suddenly we find out she was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and suffered from dehydration.  Within hours of collapsing and being rushed, not to a hospital, but to her daughter's apartment, she comes waltzing out, claiming she feels "great."  Not one person is with her when she emerges from the apartment building.  I find that very odd. Was it really Hillary?

There's all sorts of unsubstantiated chatter about the DNC planning to have an emergency meeting to replace Clinton.  First of all, they can't do that.  Clinton would have to voluntarily step down.  Can she be "persuaded" to step down?  Of course.  Again, it's just chatter.

Most alarming is the fact that she cancelled fund raisers in California that were to be held today and tomorrow.  On Wednesday, she is scheduled to do a rally in Las Vegas which has not yet been cancelled.

My guess is that over the next two days there will be some strong pressure by the DNC for her step down.  If she does that, the Las Vegas rally would be a great place to introduce Biden and his running mate Elizabeth Warren.

Or could the dems demand a delay in the election until they regroup?  Sure it's unconstitutional, but we've all witnessed so many unconstitutional things going on, what's one more?

Your thoughts? 

You may feel "great", Hillary, but you look horrible.


Brian Joondeph:  Hillary’s Health no Longer just a Conspiracy Theory

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