Friday, August 26, 2016

Alt-Right? What the hell is Hillary talking about?...

because I have no idea.

I saw a little clip wherein Hillary was warning her small crowd of sycophants about the "alt-right", spoken slowly and in all caps. Cue the scary music.  In her mind and the minds of her handlers, it's a group of violent racist, misogynist, anti-Muslim, homophobes, who are determined to take over the world.  Meantime, she drew attention to all these "hate" sites who are controlled and paid for by Vladimir Putin.  Putin?  Are you freaking kidding me?

Scary Infowars and Breitbart were on the top of the list.  Really Hillary?  Your audience, such as it was, stood around with little question marks over their heads wondering what in hell you were talking about.  In the meantime, I bet the hits at those two sites alone have quadrupled.

I have a number of tabs up linking to articles explaining what the "alt-right" is, and who is counted among it's members.  I read them.  I still have no idea of what it is, and even less idea of who these proponents of alt-rightism are. 

However, the one that stands out is written by that sniveling little weasel, Ben Shapiro, who, in his lust to trump Trump, wrote the most ridiculous screed condemning all liberty loving citizens as:
"an agglomeration of self-appointed radical culture warriors, disenchanted paleoconservatives, and open anti-Semites and white supremacists. They’re united by a distaste for what they consider to be “political correctness,” although they universally seem to mistake “PC” for “not being a complete ass.” And they consider any resistance to actual racism and anti-Semitism to be “cuck” cowardice and social justice warrior whining."
[...]"It’s crucial to understand the alt-right because of its newfound impact under Donald Trump. There’s a reason Trump has gone soft on anti-Semitic attacks on his journalistic opponents – as alt-righters say, he’s fond of dog whistling to them. There’s a reason alt-righters including racists like David Duke celebrate his ascendance and view it as the crowning moment for the alt-right movement. Trump may not be alt-right, but he’s certainly winking at them, and they know it."
And Shapiro goes further to include all Trump supporters as "alt-right."

What the hell is that ignorant little troll talking about?  Ben, face it, you're in minute 14:30 of your 15 minutes of fame. 

All you need to know about Shapiro and his followers can be learned by reading the comments on his hysterical fact-less article.  The vitriolic racist comments are shocking.  

Meantime, the picture on Drudge of Hillary needing a little step stool to get into the back of an automobile speaks volumes about her health. Healthy people don't need a step stool to get into a car.  And what's with the stance of the agent on the left?

Paul Joseph Watson sums it all up nicely - and we thank him.


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