Monday, July 18, 2016

Words fail me...

this entire week.

I refuse to send my "thoughts and prayers" to the families who have lost a loved one as a result of the war against cops that liberal/progressive/Socialist politicians have fomented.  Not just cops, but all white Americans, who have been branded with the dreaded "racist" label.

I refuse to join in a public memorial, light a candle, or strew flowers around where people have been slaughtered by deranged people who have taken their cue from Obama and have wrapped themselves in the mantel of victim.

They're victims, all right.  They are victims of the progressive magic that has destroyed the family and kept them seething in their section 8 ghettos grateful for an EBT card that gives them a few hundred dollars a month for food.  Slaves lived better on plantations.

They don't get it, and I doubt they're capable of getting it.  They are all still slaves.  Their new master is a political system that lies to keep them subjugated while they vote for their own destruction. 

How many thoughts and prayers need to be sent before we wake up to the deliberate machinations of the progressive manifesto that breeds more unrest while the dead bodies of innocent people pile up?

Sheriff David Clarke gets it. 


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