Thursday, July 7, 2016

The tolerant left attacking the people on a Trump float in Burien, WA Independence Day parade...

and teaching their children to act like little hooligans.
Tolerant liberals threw water bottles, water balloons, candy and other debris at the pick-up truck, which was occupied by Trump supporters waving and holding signs.

Parents jeered while encouraging their children to take part in the ambush, with one eyewitness describing the incident as a “full on attack”.

“That’s awesome, they super-soaked them with water balloons,” one bystander is heard saying. source
After watching this disgusting display, I'll have to say that the thin veneer of civilization has sunk so low as to be almost non-existent.

Civilized people do not attack innocent people just because they don't agree with their politics.  Civilized people attempt to raise civilized children. Civilized people do not teach their children to act like little thugs and jeer and make hand gestures that are less than polite.  I do not predict a sterling future for these children.

Let me tell you a quick story about something that happened to me yesterday.  I was checking out at Walgreens, and the nice young man at the register, with whom I've chatted with in the past, asked about my blog.  I handed him a card with my blog address, but jokingly said, "If you don't like Trump, I would suggest you not visit since I am a Trump supporter."  Just as I said that, a man walked up to the register and I could see the contempt and outrage on his face.

Spidey sense meter
Since this is North Idaho, and the man looked to be in his 40's, I could pretty well assume he was not a Hillary supporter.  I obviously have no idea of who he does support.  I quickly headed out to my car because my spidey sense was quivering in the mega range and I wanted to be gone before he left the store.  I was actually fearful that this man could possibly cause me harm.  After surviving a violent mugging, I listen carefully to my intuition.

When he exited the store before I could depart, I hit the lock button in my vehicle because he had to pass me to get to his truck. By this time I was already backing out of my space.  He jumped in his truck and backed up and for just a moment I thought he was going to ram the back of my car. 

After seeing this video, and having read about the various other violent confrontations directed at Trump supporters, I'm glad that Idaho has concealed carry without a license.

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