Monday, July 25, 2016

Stefan Molyneux: Procrastination and Passive Aggression...

and a wonderful way to overcome both.

Because politics is making me exhausted.

You may have the same reaction to the beginning of Stefan Molyneux's presentation that I did.  He will be talking about raising children, which will make you think; "Of course children are raised in such a manner precisely because they are children", and may want to turn off the video. Don't.  He will make it clear in a very short time. 

After thinking about what he said, I realized I was raised by a mother who had vastly different ideas about how to raise a child from most people, and more like what Stefan was describing.  My feelings and ideas were validated by my mother.  I was given choices and was asked for feedback.  My mother used to say that you can't just keep saying "no" to everything a child does or says.  She believed in providing alternatives. "No you can't do such and such, but you can do this or that.

I can't ever remember being ordered to do something.  She never had to because she was the master of the psychological conditioning of children.  There was nothing she couldn't convince me to enjoy.  Pulling weeds?  Wowzer!  Cooking, cleaning, reading?  Count me in!  My father was no slouch either.  He  convinced me that caulking storm windows was just too cool and mowing the lawn was an art form worth learning.

The one thing she couldn't get me to do was keep my room somewhat neat.  I was a slob.  The story often told was that in an effort to make me care about neatness, a bulletin board was installed in my room.  Each evening, I carefully thumb tacked my clothes to the board.  It wasn't exactly what mom had in mind, but she let it go. When my room got really bad, she simply closed the door.

In time, I developed into a person who is very organized and somewhat of a clean freak.  Do I still leave a trail of messes?  Yep.  But, I'm aware and correct the problem on a daily basis.  Because it's my choice.  Remember that word - choice.

So what does passive aggression have to do with procrastination?  I doubt there is anyone who has not experienced being around a passive aggressive personality.  It may be your mate, your boss, even your best friend.  It may even be you. Passive aggressive people are the pinnacle of crazy making.  They are also the masters of procrastination.

I think I've read everything ever written about procrastination.  The same psychologists who write on procrastination rarely tie it to passive aggressive behavior.  They give you all sorts of tips to overcome procrastination, but Stefan Molyneux, in one simple video, brilliantly cuts to the heart of the matter, and may solve your procrastination problem forever.

I suggest you listen to the video, spend a few days mulling over how you were raised, and then listen to the video again.  

You won't be sorry.


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