Wednesday, July 20, 2016

RNC Protesters: "America was Never Great", throwing bags of urine, try to block entrance to convention site...

what a bunch of useless dregs of humanity.

They don't care who they inconvenience or how much money in police, secret service, and clean up it costs hard working taxpayers.  For them, it's all about meeeeeeeeeeeee.

Notice in the video that the people holding the protest "fence" are all quite young.  About every 20 or 30 young people, you'll see an old fart.  Clearly these are all recruited and paid protesters with an old fart there to "manage" them. 

America was never great? 

 I have a solution for you.  Pack up yourself, your whole scummy inbred family, all your baby mamas and baby daddies, leave your section 8 domicile, cut up your EBT card, and haul your sorry asses to Iran.  Or how about North Korea? 

They're throwing urine at each other? 

Filthy, degenerate people.

The Blaze:   Black Lives Matter Supporters, KKK, Westboro Clash Outside RNC, Throw Urine at Each Other

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