Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hillary outrage: Protect yourself from our lawless nation...

it's the only option.

The conservative blogosphere and alt-news sites have erupted in outrage over the FBI giving Hillary Clinton a pass.

I have to ask which of you actually thought the fix was not in?

How many of you refuse to see that this skulduggery has been going on for years?

Save the outrage and rest easy because you know who the enemy is.  And when you know that you can take steps to protect yourself as best you can.

James Comey is bought and paid for.  Loretta Lynch fears for the lives of her grandchildren. And the globalists will stop at nothing to elect Hillary Clinton president.

If you are part of the Never Trump crowd, you're part of the problem.  If you support the efforts to deny Trump the nomination, you will be helping to guarantee a Clinton victory.

These are dangerous times and a rigged election is not only a distinct possibility, but almost a certainty.

You must understand that this country is at a crossroads.  Can it be saved?  I have massive doubts that it can or will.  But that doesn't give us leave to sit back and not participate.


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