Monday, June 27, 2016

Muslim halal and you...

don't support Muslim halal food.

Kid, over at Diary of a Right Wing Pussycat, has an interesting article on halal food in our super markets.  I have been aware of this for several years and always look for one of the halal symbols printed on the package.  I will not buy anything that subsidizes Muslim activities.

The primary objection is to the way halal animals are slaughtered.

Shoebat has a video explaining the difference between conventional slaughter and halal (Muslim) slaughter. 

So what about items that are non-animal?  Is there any reason to have a box of macaroni and cheese plastered with a halal symbol?  There is if it's nothing more than a shake-down by the Muslims to extract money from producers of food who must pay to have the symbol stuck on the package.

Kid has the symbols on his post denoting if something is halal approved. Check it out and practice some due diligence at the grocery store,  or you may be subsidizing this:

PHILIPPINES: Beheading of Canadian citizen John Hall by Muslim terrorist group Abu Saddaf (WARNING: Extremely Graphic)

I can't help seeing a connection in the way Muslims slaughter cows and humans.

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